Putting The “Punk” Into Steampunk: ‘Wika’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James


‘Wika’ delivers everything you would want from a steampunk fairytale in stylish fashion.


Wika is steampunk fairy tale written by Thomas Day and illustrated by Olivier Ledroit.

The world of Wika appears to have leaned into the “punk” side of steampunk. The character designs in Wika are a cosplayer’s wet dream. Normally I’d say that Ledroit’s art speaks for itself but it’s even more impressive than the front cover. It’s as if Ledroit is trying to one-up himself with every page and he succeeds.

While the illustrations are amazing, Thomas Day can’t be given enough credit for crafting a sublime story. Day’s characterizations strike a perfect balance between iconic and witty. There are unexpected twists and turns and reinventions of classic fantasy archetypes. As a mythology fan, I was impressed by how organically Day was able to merge different folklore together to create something new.

As a graphic novel, Wika is epic, I’m talking Heavy Metal Bayonetta directed by Guillermo Del Toro level epic. It’s one of those graphic novels that’s so good that I feel humbled by its existence. If you’re new to the world of beautifully illustrated European comics, Wika is a great place to start!

Wika is available now from Titan Comics.

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