EXCLUSIVE: Read ‘Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem’ #1 For Free By Mark Millar And Tommy Lee Edwards

by Olly MacNamee

Tomorrow, Wednesday 26th January, sees the release of the collected edition of Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 5 from writer Mark Millar, artist Tommy Lee Edwards and letterer John Workman. Published by Image Comics, we have been given another exclusive to share with you all, the full 56 page first issue of Jupiter’s Legacy: Requiem #1, for free, ahead of its drop date.

Enjoy. And if you do, consider picking up the trade and support your local comic book store in the process.

And, if it’s easier, you can grab a pdf copy here: Jupiters.Legacy.Vol5.Issue1_lo-res

“Volume 5 in a 6 book saga seems an odd place to start for newbies, but it’s actually perfect. This final arc is set thirty years after the events of Jupiter’s Legacy and all the characters from the Netflix series we met in the opening eight episodes. This new story is about Chloe and Hutch getting married and having kids and giving the world a fairytale ending, fixing all our problems and leaving us with the utopia her Father always dreamed of. But this perfect world is about to face its biggest threat yet and their four kids have no idea how to deal with with the magnitude of what’s coming. The secret of the mysterious island is finally revealed and the superhero takeover from Jupiter’s Legacy is dwarfed by what’s waiting on the horizon. This is everything we’ve been building to for a decade. The twilight of the superheroes. The end of the greatest costume drama of all time.



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