Review Round Up: All The Comic Book Reviews From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

Once again we bring you all of the week’s reviews from our dedicated team. And once again it’s a good assortment of titles:

Scott Redmond reviewed:

  1. Ka-zar: Lord of the Savage Land #5 (Marvel Comics)
  2. X Lives of Wolverine #2 (Marvel Comics)
  3. Detective Comics #1051 (DC Comics)

I gave my thoughts on the following three titles:

  1. King of Spies #3 (Image Comics)
  2. Nocterra #7 (Image Comics)
  3. Fantastic Four: Life Story #6 (Marvel Comics)

Tom Smithyman reviewed:

  1. Fictionauts #1 (Red 5 Comics)
  2. Rockstar and Softboy (Image Comics)

Tony Thornley looked at:

  1. Batman #120 (DC Comics)
  2. X Deaths of Wolverine #2 (Marvel Comics)

And, Tito W James reviewed:

  1. Catwoman: Lonely City #2 (DC Black Label)

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