Webcomic Weekly: More Nigel Auchterlounie

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly – still all about the webcomics and online comics you can read for free, just failing with the whole weekly thing. Anyway, this week, it’s Nigel Auchterlounie once more… Myosotis.


Okay, I know it seems like these Webcomic Weekly things seem to regularly feature Nigel Auchterlounie’s work, with Farts and Regenesis of the Daleks already, but as soon as he stops making brilliant comics and putting them up on his Twitter feed, I’ll stop highlighting them.

This latest one, Myosotis, is yet another magnificent bit of comics work, all contained here in this Twitter thread.

And it opens like this…


Okay, so far, so simple, right?

Oh so wrong? Who are these people, what’s going on, what devious twist does Auchterlounie have for us this time?

Well… this…


Okay, that’s all you get from me – a forgetfulness plague of some sort affecting the population, two lost women meeting up.

But it’s the way Auchterlounie plays with the ideas of memory here that really make it a brilliant comic, all the little moments of who they might be, then the repetition of what they’re forgetting – it’s just so beautifully constructed. And then you get to the end and a complete kick in the guts to put everything into perspective, to let the reader into who they are – perfectly done little webcomics.

So – go read it over here. And then go and explore all the other magnificent work Auchterlounie has been making for years, whether it’s as Auchterlounie online or in The Beano or his more adult material published under the Spleenal name – it’s all just so good.

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