Kickstarting Comics: 10 Years Of ‘Afterlife Inc.’ – Exclusive Preview Of ‘The Corporate Makeover Of The World Of The Dead’

by Richard Bruton

Jon Lock’s Kickstarter for The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection launched 17th May and it’s exactly the sort of book you should be reading, smart, funny, hugely entertaining. The Collection brings together over 800 pages of Afterlife Inc. material and I’m here to tell you why you should back it.


Since 2012, Jon Lock and many, many artists have been chronicling the rich world of Afterlife Inc., but The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection sees the entire series published as two luxury A4 hardbacks: The Book of Life and The Book of Death. It collects six volumes and over 800 pages of content along with plenty of special features.

If you saw the Kickstarter preview a while back, you’ll already know about it, but for those who missed it, Afterlife Inc. is all about the most devious of corporate con-artists, Jack Fortune, recently deceased. But ending up in the afterlife has its advantages it seems, as Jack soon realises that death might bring him his greatest business opportunity yet.

It’s all because the afterlife isn’t what it was. A recent monumental calamity has left the golden city of the dead, The Empyrean, without leadership or rulers – and that means there’s a corporate takeover to be done, with Jack in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Yes, Afterlife Inc. is Jack’s corporate makeover of the world of the dead, where he intends to provide an altogether better end-user experience, more suited to individual needs, where the dead don’t have to suffer (not unless they really want to) and the corporation turns infernal chaos into smooth-running operation.

Lock’s previously described it this way:

“With the vision, the business-smarts and a ragtag collection of allies behind him, Jack strives to reinvent the afterlife as a modern-day corporate entity. Establishing a new business is always challenging, but now Jack must balance the demands of a free market with rampaging archangels, a misplaced God and the dark secrets at the heart of their world. This may be the job he was born to die for, but has Jack’s reach finally exceeded his grasp?”

Lock’s vision for Afterlife Inc. is a great one, encompassing so much, exploring the whole concept so well along with a team of artists that make this something of a shared storyline anthology. Along the way, Lock cleverly mixes up styles and tone to look at the various aspects of the Afterlife Inc. idea from different perspectives.

It’s got a fast pace, easy reading, lovely sardonic sense of humour. Jack Fortune’s very much a chancer in the mould of John Constantine, the vaudevillian wide boy with a ready smile and winning ways.

Over the course of the story, there’s no end of grand adventures, an ever-growing cast of characters all with a mission to cause Jack some trouble, but all well turned out, fascinating, well observed.

Written by creator Jon Lock, the series has featured the work of over 60 artists and creators across six volumes – with the sixth and latest volume to be released alongside the Book of Life/Death.The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection collects the entire comic series to date as two luxury A4 hardbacks: The Book of Life (previously released in 2014, now remastered) and The Book of Death. It collects six volumes and over 800 pages of content along with plenty of special features.

The Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday 17th May, at 10am (BST). You can check it out now here and sign up for updates here. All individual volumes of Afterlife Inc. are available as add-ons for the Kickstarter-only price of £10 per book. Also included is Volume 6: The Great Gig in the Sky, which sees its physical release as part of this Kickstarter.

Afterlife Inc. 10th Anniversary Collection – The Book of Death and The Book of Life.

Written and created by Jon Lock.

Art by Ash Jackson, Nathan Ashworth, Jack Tempest, Will Tempest, Del Borovic, Roy Huteson Stewart, Sean McSorley, Jerry Gaylord, Jade Sarson, Mark Pearce, Warwick Fraser-Coombe, Grant Perkins, Jack Davies, Chailey Illman, Davide Tinto, Kariss Jones, VV Glass, Kit Palmer, James Lawrence, Eve Greenwood, Gavin Mitchell, James Stayte, Kris Wozencroft, Dean Beattie, Mark Penman, Jack Devereaux, Matt Rooke, Nikki Stu.

Colour assists by Taz Ashworth. Letters by Michael Stock, Lucy Lock, Jon Lock, Shawn Depasquale.

Running on Kickstarter from Tuesday 17 May to 16 June.

Now, thanks to Jon Lock for this, an exclusive look at the first Afterlife Inc. episode, Final Destination, written by Jon Lock, art by Ash Jackson, letters by Shawn Depasquale – a perfect entry point into the corporate makeover of the world of the dead that is Afterlife Inc.

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